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We’re about to have a large snow storm. Should I be worried about my mesh cover?
Mesh safety covers are designed to handle weight and the water should have been lowered no more than 18” below the deck level at the closing. Assuming it is still at that level, or likely higher with rain prior to now, the top of it should be ice and further support the weight. That all being said, confirm that the water level has not dropped lower for some reason and that all straps are still attached, and you should be fine.
My new Polaris 380 cleaner keeps tangling up in knots and doesn’t clean the pool. What could be wrong with it?
While there are several different possibilities for why it could be tangling, the most common and easiest to fix is that the supply hose from the wall to the Polaris is too long. When a new Polaris is first installed, the three hoses that connect it to the wall need to be cut to specific sizes that culminate in the hose being only as long as the farthest edge of the pool. Try pulling the Polaris while it’s connected and off to the farthest spot in the pool. If you’re able to pull it out of the water and extend it over the deck, it’s too long. Consult your installation manual to see how it is supposed to be cut or give us a call. If that’s not the cause, you likely need a service call to determine the culprit.
No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get any chlorine to test in the water. Help.
This is not a simple answer, I’m afraid. There can be numerous reasons why this has occurred, but definitely a first place to start would be to test all of the chemical levels in the pool, including the pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, and Cyanuric Acid. Levels outside of the desired ranges can often cause chlorine to be ineffective or dissipate rapidly. Once you’ve got these test results, we can start looking for obvious issues and start eliminating possible causes. Two other pieces of information that would be helpful are how long you run your pool each day and what temperature you keep the water at. Send us an email with this information and we can hopefully try to figure this out. Or perhaps a visit by your local pool service company may be in order.

Product Manuals

Below is a list of some of the more popular pieces of equipment out there and their associated manufacturer websites and product manuals for easy reference. If you have any questions about the products or require a repair, please do not hesitate to contact us.


"The pool looks brand is 27 years old. They also put a dolphin and beach balls on the bottom (made out of tiles) to show where the pool depth changes. I use this company now to maintain the pool and keep it in good shape. They are very good at keeping problems from happening."

Angie's List

"Pooltek exceeded my expectations. We opted for a somewhat minimal service, but my pool was left sparkling and ready for winter. Even in October, they were booked out a bit (good sign), but we had them come as soon as possible.

They showed up and got right to work cleaning out the mess of old leaves we weren't able to get ourselves. The techs were professional and friendly and offered some advice on my options.

Their prices are very reasonable! Highly recommended!"


This summer [we] decided to put the maintenance of our pool in the hands of the pros, and we signed on for your weekly Tek service. It was a great decision! The tech team has helped us overcome an unusual set of water chemical challenges, and they have completely succeeded. After the team’s hard work, the pool water is now crystal clear and completely inviting.

We also asked your team to update our aging sand filter, and we have been thoroughly impressed – with their work and their cheerful competence.

Andrew C.

I had quite a few pool companies come out for quotes and nobody was near as responsive (if at all) or their quotes were just outrageous. We definitely feel we made the right choice going with Pooltek…great customer service!

Taylor K.

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