Construction Services

Construction Services

Over time, a pool’s structure will start to deteriorate due to general aging, aggressive chemicals, or the adverse effects of water and ice intrusion. When this occurs, Pooltek is here to help restore the look of your backyard. From small tile patches to complete renovations of a pool’s coping, tile, plaster and deck, our in-house masons can return your pool to a structurally sound, new look. And when it comes to performing construction work, doesn’t it make you feel better knowing it’s being done by a service company that hopes to be working with you for many years compared to a construction-only company who’s going to do the work, and then disappear? The choice is simple when considering renovation work, and you can see some of our past projects in our Gallery.


Coping stones loose or cracking? Tiles falling off? Plaster stained or so rough it’s hurting your children’s toes? Or just tired of the dated look of your pool? It might be time for a pool renovation. With hundreds of different options for pool coping, tile, and plaster, Pooltek’s renovation team can help you to create your own new look. Get the process going by calling us for a FREE consultation and estimate, and start exploring some of your options like brick or granite coping, tiles from our distributors US Pool Tile and Classic Pool Tile & Stone, and the beautiful and more durable aggregate plaster finishes by WetEdge.


If your deck is cracking, crumbling, or sinking, or if you’re just looking for a new look to your pool area, let us help you create a beautiful new look with a new deck. We offer options like concrete in a broomed finish, exposed aggregate, or stamped in a variety of patterns; pavers of all styles and sizes; natural stone; travertine; and more. We can discuss with you the pros and cons of each so you can make the best decision to create a beautiful oasis in your backyard.


With the growing popularity of HGTV shows and people’s desire to spend more time outside, many clients have begun installing fire pits, kitchens, bars and other natural seating elements to their outdoor patios. With Pooltek professionals to guide you, we can install pre-fabricated designs by Nicolock or Techo-Bloc or have us create a custom look for your backyard. Contact us to set up a free consulation.


"The pool looks brand is 27 years old. They also put a dolphin and beach balls on the bottom (made out of tiles) to show where the pool depth changes. I use this company now to maintain the pool and keep it in good shape. They are very good at keeping problems from happening."

Angie's List

"Pooltek exceeded my expectations. We opted for a somewhat minimal service, but my pool was left sparkling and ready for winter. Even in October, they were booked out a bit (good sign), but we had them come as soon as possible.

They showed up and got right to work cleaning out the mess of old leaves we weren't able to get ourselves. The techs were professional and friendly and offered some advice on my options.

Their prices are very reasonable! Highly recommended!"


This summer [we] decided to put the maintenance of our pool in the hands of the pros, and we signed on for your weekly Tek service. It was a great decision! The tech team has helped us overcome an unusual set of water chemical challenges, and they have completely succeeded. After the team’s hard work, the pool water is now crystal clear and completely inviting.

We also asked your team to update our aging sand filter, and we have been thoroughly impressed – with their work and their cheerful competence.

Andrew C.

I had quite a few pool companies come out for quotes and nobody was near as responsive (if at all) or their quotes were just outrageous. We definitely feel we made the right choice going with Pooltek…great customer service!

Taylor K.

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